A Bountiful Blessing this Christmas

GODIVA's Christmas edition chocolates are a host of familiar Christmas characters, including the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas cottage, these come in three different flavours of chocolates, allowing you to be fully immersed in the Christmas spirit.

  • GODIVA Christmas Dark Chocolate

    GODIVA Christmas Dark Chocolate

    Bittersweet rich dark chocolate is paired with a white chocolate filling, a hard-to-resist decadence.

  • GODIVA Christmas Milk Chocolate

    GODIVA Christmas Milk Chocolate

    Caramel is delicately blended into the hazelnut ganache, covered with a creamy milk chocolate, sweet and satisfying choice.

  • GODIVA Christmas White Chocolate

    GODIVA Christmas White Chocolate

    A delectable combination of fragrant orange and hazelnut, with a smooth white chocolate shell, drawing out refreshing flavours to savour.

A GODIVA Christmas is the Sweetest Christmas

GODIVA brings infinitely precious memories to everyone this Christmas, using festive ornaments to add a touch of delight to the sweet treats. Feast first with your eyes, as these vibrant ornaments sparkle, right before you sink your teeth into GODIVA's delicious chocolates.

  • Hazelnut Ganache Milk Chocolate

    Hazelnut Ganache Milk Chocolate

    A twist on tradition: GODIVA's legendary praliné is given an inspired festive makeover. Smooth and luscious chocolate, caramelized sugar and roasted hazelnuts are blended with orange juice essence to deliver that tantalizing taste of Christmas. The piece is covered in smooth milk chocolate and finished with a joyful seasonal decoration.

  • Chestnut Cream Dark Chocolate

    Chestnut Cream Dark Chocolate

    Chestnuts roasting: A delightfully rich, creamy ganache, which is expertly infused with roasted chestnut essence — a warming, irresistible aroma that is about as festive as it gets. The dark chocolate shell has been embellished with wishes for a Joyeux “Noël”.