Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes

Using festive red as GODIVA 2016's theme colour for its chocolate gift boxes, the romanticized boxes depict coziness: the dream of Christmas at home, filled with beautiful ornaments, Poinsettia's, Christmas trees, pinecones a vibrant wreath on the door, and Christmas lights, lighting up the spirit of Christmas. On this very special time of the year, allow GODIVA to bring warmth into your homes. As you sink your teeth into GODIVA's chocolates, these memories of laughter and happiness will surely last a lifetime.

Make magical memories this festive season, with Godiva's stunning Holiday Collection. Having perfected the art of crafting beautiful chocolate and stylish packaging over the past ninety years, celebrating the holidays with Godiva is a tempting invitation sure to satisfy. Featuring an indulgent selection of Godiva's most cherished chocolates and truffles as well as an exquisite limited edition selection, the Holiday Collection will help turn magical moments into lasting memories.

The collection's festive packaging was designed by the exciting illustrator, Dinara Mirtalipova, who was inspired by the sparkle, magic and joy associated with the season: “I thought back to the magical memories of my childhood Christmases, sparkly ornaments that were passed down from generation to generation, the music of Tchaikovsky, presents under the tree, smells of oranges and baking, family talking and laughing together. I let those happy memories shine through.” Like the collection in its entirety, the fantastical patterns and fanciful forms of ballerinas and baubles that adorn the striking silver, red and green boxes will help you make magical new memories this Holiday.

Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes 4 Pieces ¥140
Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes 10 Pieces ¥330
Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes 18 Pieces ¥520
Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes 30 Pieces ¥850

Christmas Truffle Chocolate Gift Box

The intricately designed Christmas ornaments and ballerinas dressed in white tutus flutter about on the evergreen boxes. Enclosed is an array of Christmas edition truffles that are as beautiful as precious stones. Each one is a small blessing, sending love and sweetness to the receiver.

Christmas Truffle Chocolate Gift Box 15pc.¥560

Christmas Carré Chocolate Gift Box

The elegant GODIVA Christmas Edition Carré Chocolates are presented in an evergreen packaging. The box is just like a Christmas tree, decorated with lights, ornaments and ivies, bringing a touch of warmth. Contained in this box of blessings are Christmas Carré Chocolates, which include Almond Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Simply an irresistible gift that everyone will appreciate.

Christmas Carré Chocolate Gift Box 15pc.¥225

Premium Christmas Gift Boxes

GODIVA's Deluxe Christmas Gift Box and Christmas Jewellery Chocolate Gift Box are both comprised of 50 pieces of delectable chocolates; it is simple the best way to give a loved one a thoughtful Holiday blessing.

Golden Decadence, Christmas Elegance

GODIVA offered the option of personalized charms last year, and was wonderfully received. This year, GODIVA have specially designed a Limited edition green ornament to accompany your gifts. The vibrant ornament is decorated with a ruby stone and a gold leaf. The stunning Christmas Tree ornament can be personalized by adding letters or symbol charms for an elegant blessing to the receiver.

Tailor-made GODIVA Letter or Symbol charms

GODIVA Gold Collection Gift Box 8 Pieces ¥215
GODIVA Gold Collection Gift Box 15 Pieces ¥360
GODIVA Gold Collection Gift Box 24 Pieces ¥715
GODIVA Gold Collection Gift Box 25 Pieces ¥555
GODIVA Gold Collection Gift Box 32 Pieces ¥715