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Classic card member:Join free

Recruitmentconditions:online registration

Exclusiveprivileges:participating points accumulated

Upgrade to gold member, you can enjoy the next consumer card courtesy.

gold membership: valid for 1 years

recruitment conditions: online single order a full RMB consumption of 1000 yuan

or join the member within 3 months, the cumulative online continued consumption of 2000 yuan RMB.

exclusive treatment: the price of goods to enjoy 10 percent off preferential

consumption to participate in the cumulative score of 1.5 times
birthday gift of 1 copies of the birthday gift

Upgrade to platinum, the next consumer can enjoy the platinum treatment.

platinum membership: valid for 1 years

Recruitmentconditions:12 months after joining the members of the cumulative total consumption of RMB 10000 yuan, 4 times and above

order consumption record (4 different dates).

Exclusiveprivileges:the positive price of goods 20 percent off discount

2 times integral
birthday gift 1 copies of
platinum exclusive gift basket
invited brand activity

common problem:

how to modify the phone?

- you can call the member service hotline 400-997-8887 to submit the application for mobile phone modification, GODIVA staff will be submitted in your

3 working days after the completion of the application to complete the update.

how to modify the birthday?

-GODIVA Godiva considered members of the birthday of privacy, you can modify the following ways:

- you can call the member service hotline 400-997-8887 to submit your birthday application for amendment, GODIVA staff will be submitted in your application Class= indext-pay "

please complete the update within 3 working days.

how cumulative points?

- as a classic card member, your every 1 yuan of consumption, will be accumulated 1 points. Card every 1 yuan consumption equal to

1.5 points. Platinum member every 1 yuan of consumption is equal to 2 points.

how to carry out integral gift exchange?

- please pay attention to our member website update, the integral gift exchange function is on the line.

how to change personal information?

-You can visit the GODIVA Godiva chocolatier membership websites on your personal account is activated, you can

Enter "my account" to update your profile.

My birthday is next month, as a member of Godiva how do I get my birthday gift?

- we will send you an e-mail or phone call and your confirmation email for a month before your birthday.

After the confirmation, we will send a birthday gift on your birthday month to confirm your mailing address.

matters needing attention:

VIP会员有效期 / VIP Membership Validity

-Classic card member permanent effective.

-Gold and platinum aging (since the upgrade started) for 1 years, in the period of validity does not meet the current membership conditions will

Temporarily downgraded to gold or classic card, after meet the conditions to restore the original Membership Upgrade membership level.

VIP会员特别说明 / Special Instructions for VIPs

- by QQ, micro-blog, Alipay landing member, need to improve the membership data can be a valid member.

- in order to protect the exclusive rights and interests of VIP members, please fill in the registration information in the registration.

- members birthday gifts will be released a month earlier statistics, the birthday of the month of the new upgrade members are no longer issued.

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