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Does Godiva support sustainable practices and programs in cocoa growing countries of West Africa?
Godiva supports sustainable practices and programs in cocoa growing countries of West Africa which directly benefit cocoa farmers with increased income. We are committed to sustainable sourcing of 100% of our cocoa supply by 2020 and are actively working towards this goal. Godiva is a supporting member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), the leading nonprofit organization promoting a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development as well as environmental stewardship in cocoa growing communities. Through the WCF Community Development Fund, we support cocoa growing communities in cocoa growing countries of West Africa -- supporting family scholarships which expand opportunities for women and support youth education.

Godiva believes that protecting children is a shared responsibility across the cocoa industry. While Godiva does not own any cocoa farms, we strongly condemn forced labor or any practice that exploits, endangers, or harms children. We have a long-standing policy that requires all of our suppliers to be in compliance with all labor laws and regulations.

Godiva proudly sponsors the Lady Godiva Program which celebrates and supports inspirational women around the world and their causes. Our recent partnership with FEED Projects resulted in the funding of over 300,000 school meals for children in cocoa growing countries of West Africa.

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