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Culture and Diversity

Our Way

Godiva’s vision is clear: To own the ultimate chocolate experience that inspires passion
for our brand around the world. To inspire and enable our diverse talent to help make
our vision a reality, we have established a set of core values that we refer to simply as
“Our Way.”

Inspire trust, teamwork & passion:

  • We genuinely respect and support each other in our personal growth
  • We seek diverse perspectives from around our world, assume positive intent
    while soliciting, giving and listening to feedback with an open mind
  • Together we tackle challenges and celebrate achievements

Embrace fresh ideas, initiative & action:

  • We encourage entrepreneurial mindsets and value thoughtful risk taking
  • Together we take initiative and act on innovative ideas with enthusiasm
  • We learn from past experiences and reinvent from within

Delight customers:

  • We nurture trustworthy and mutually rewarding relationships with our internal and
    external partners
  • We aim to exceed expectations by offering world class quality products and services
  • We are determined to deliver an exceptional Godiva experience at all times

Deliver results:

  • Together we contribute to and own the company direction and its
  • We focus on priorities and solutions, and deliver on commitments
  • We set ambitious goals, make decisions based on facts and insights, take ownership,
    and achieve results together

This is an exciting time to be at Godiva. Realizing our vision and energizing our culture around
Our Way is a commitment that unites Godiva associates worldwide. We invite you to join us as
we work together each day to make Our Way come alive!

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