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  • A GrandAdventure

    Journey into our world of chocolate, legends, talent, travel and unforgettable experiences

    Enter the world of GODIVA

    Inspired by Passion

    Welcome to the world of GODIVA!

    From its founder Pierre Draps, to the legend of Lady Godiva, to its home in Belgium, and its international reputation today as a premium chocolatier, GODIVA is a brand enriched with history, tradition, elegance and innovation.

    All of the above facets and qualities, plus more, are bound together by one core theme: passion. Whether it's a love for exquisite chocolate, or a deep appreciation for profound craftsmanship, or a fondness for all things Belgian, it’s our strong passion for what we adore that brings us all together — and keeps us coming back for more.

    We share this passion with you here, at GODIVA’s first online magazine. Please enjoy our adventures with Asian starlet Angelababy, our tourist guide to Brussels, conversations with our chefs chocolatier and long-serving staff, as well as, of course, our upcoming beautiful collections to tantalise all for Christmas 2013, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day 2014.

  • The Best of Brussels

    A local guide to the best sights and scenes in the Belgian capital

    Full of allure and history, Brussels is a city rich in tradition yet full of contemporary charm. A bon vivant at heart, Brussels’ passion is to fully indulge in the good life — with architectural splendour, innovative dishes, the finest beers and, of course, the best chocolates in the world.

    Here is our local guide to the best of Brussels, the “Capital of Europe”.


    Although the national dish of Belgium is “moules et frites” (mussels and fries), Brussels offers magnificent choices for innovative dining and diverse ethnic cuisines.


      Housed in an 18th-century landmark, this buzzing brassiere celebrates the best of Belgium. An unforgettable sensuous experience. Rue Fossé-aux-Loups 32, 1000 Brussels | 32-2-217-2187 | website


      A small bistro located on the Brussels-Charleroi canal. Patrons can enjoy typical Belgian and French brassiere food at reasonable prices in a friendly, casual and trendy setting. Antoine Dansaertstraat 208, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-511-0360 | website


      Chef Pascal de Valkeneer’s double Michelin-starred wonderment combines traditional cooking with the freshest seasonal ingredients and avant-garde concepts. A beautiful gastronomic experience. Drève de Lorraine 43, 1180 Brussels | +32-2-374-5416 | website


      Capturing the essence of Brussels, this must-try Belgian brassiere offers a selection of international dishes in a modern-rustic setting. Try to get a table on the terrace or roof! Chaussée de Wavre 1700, 1160 Auderghem | +32-2-675-0092 | website


      The best fish and seafood shop in town, revered for its pub-like atmosphere and fresh, simple, homemade food. Enjoy your meal with a cold beer or white wine. Rue Ste Catherine 45, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-513-1192 | website

  • Play

    Looking for a mix of the best and off-the-beaten-path fun in Brussels? We have them.


    • BOZAR CENTRE FOR FINE ARTS BozarWhere architecture meets cinema, literature, music and theatre. Sunday morning concerts are a fun experience, especially for families. Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels / +32-2-507-8200 / website


      Victor Horta,pioneer of Art Nouveau architecture, built his first house between 1898-1901. This preserved space was his home and atelier, full of fresh vision and innovative style.Rue Américaine 23-25, 1060 Brussels | +32-2-543-0490 | website


      ARTS de BelgiqueIf just one museum must be visited, this is the one. Take in Belgium’s rich, creative past, from Flemish Primitives to haunting Symbolism and complex Surrealism.Rue de la Régence 3, 1000 Brussels | +32-2 -508-3211 | website



      GOUPIL LE FOL Offering an intimate and romantic setting, this eclectic bar mixes the world of revolution, literature and art with beer, cocktails and fruit wine. Expect a late night here. Rue de la Violette 22, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-511-1396


      Greenwich Famed for its chess-playing regulars, old-world atmosphere, Art Nouveau décor and Belgian beers. A unique experience, even if just for a look. Rue Des Chartreux 7, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-540-8878



      Famous locally for its extensive Belgian beer selection, this café-lounge has a mixed crowd, and great live and jazz music. Rue St. Catherine 42, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-503-0880 | website


      Conveniently located in the fashionable Antoine Dansaert Street and often referred to as “the coolest bar in Belgium,” this Art Deco themed bar is home to top local artists. Expect anything, from trip-hop to jazz or country music. Antoine Dansaert 6, 1000 Brussels | +32-2-512-0652 | website

  • Love

    • Whether it’s shopping or eating, here is why you will fall in love with Brussels.


      The city’s most popular vintage and second-hand market offers a day of shopping, food, music and fun.First Sunday of every month, 12-7pm| Halles Saint Géry | website


      Parc De Bruxelles Created in the 18th Century, this is one of the city’s best parks. Enjoy art, theatre, fountains and lush gardens. Site of The French Revolution and the Belgian War of Independence, it’s located in the heart of Brussels, in front of the Palace of the King.


      Rue Antoine Dansaert This is the shopping spot to visit. Known for its hip and happening vibe, it’s where you’ll find stylish boutiques like Hatshoe and Stijl, Belgian designer Annemie Verbeke, local jeweller Christa Reniers, interior design shop La Fabrika, and Belgium’s emerging talent showcased at Glorybox. After shopping, head to super-cool bars on Place St.-Géry or nearby Place Ste.-Catherine for stylish bistros and outdoor food and flower markets.

    • Atomium

      Built for the 1958 Universal Exhibition, this monument is, as the name suggests, an oversized model of an atom.

    • Beer

      Belgium is famous for its beer, with over 500 different varieties.

    • Castles

      There are more castles per square mile in Belgium than anywhere else in the world.

    • Lace

      Producing lace since the Middle Ages, Belgium creates intricate patterns unmatched by any other country in the world.

    • Manneken Pis

      Locals take much pride in this infamous bronze statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain.

    • TinTin

      Fictional adventurer Tintin was created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé in 1929.

  • A first-hand guide to the best of Brussels with GODIVA’s Executive Chef Chocolatier, Thierry Muret

    Belgian native Thierry Muret, a trained chemist and master chocolatier, has indulged in the sweet life for nearly three decades now. After opening Le Caraque, a chocolate shop in Chicago, with his sister in 1984, he joined GODIVA’s research and development team five years later.

    Today, as GODIVA’s Executive Chef Chocolatier, Muret delights the world with his delectable creations.

    We ask him for his culinary favourites in Brussels, the home of GODIVA.

    Le Pain Quotidien. They have a beautiful combination of wood décor and a green environment, with communal tables, artisanal breads, organic menu and, just like the French, café au lait in a bowl.

    Bon Bon, pushes the envelope, serving an innovative menu inspired by the day’s fresh market.

    Another is Rouge Tomate — healthy, organic with a molecular approach to cooking, like a young interpretation of Belgian food.

    I rarely eat red meat, but I enjoy a steak au poire vert — steak with cognac cream sauce, served with French fries. Another is tomate aux edeuettes — tomatoes stuffed with small shrimps.

    The small neighbourhood pastry shops. They offer amazing quality since everything is freshly handmade.

    I have a mandate from my wife, who says I cannot come home without crevette grise, North Sea shrimps. They’re from the northern coast of Belgium, and you cannot find them anywhere else. We like to eat them for breakfast, with fresh baguette.

    Meet PHILLIPE DAUE, GODIVA chef chocolatier for China and the Pacific Rim

  • The Menu

    1. COCKTAIL DEGUSTATION and Champagne

    2. Ferme de la Tour" DUCK FOIE GRAS hazelnut white chocolate crumble, rhubarb compote with cider

    3. SCALLOP AND LOBSTER CARPACCIO white asparagus, dried olive dust and crustacean vinaigrette

    4. Roasted Guilivinec LANGOUSTINES young verbana shoots, citronella and baby artichokes with chocolate sauce

    1. BRILL FILLET tomato compote with citrus thyme, green quinoa, green asparagus, beurre blanc emulsion, and Esplette piments

    2. “Ferme de la Tour” FILLET OF DUCK BREAST

    3. CHOCOLATE HALF-SPHERE strawberries, meringue biscuit

  • Every truffe tells a story

    The most iconic truffe delicacies have been crafted by GODIVA’s master chef chocolatiers throughout its 67-year history.

    Truffes Légendaires Collection

    • 1946
    • 1950
    • 1966
    • 1999
    • 2009
    • 2013

    The latest limited-edition Truffes Légendaires collection features six finely selected delicacies. Packaged inside an elegant, collectible new GODIVA box with an engraved metal signature plate on the lid certifying the collection’s luxurious appeal. Touted as the perfect gift, for any occasion, these legendary temptations are utterly irresistible.

    Roll over each truffe to learn the story behind it.


      At the end of the 1940s Pierre Draps Godiva’s first chef chocolatier wanted to bring back joy to the people. He was committed to use only the finest ingredients no matter how scarce. He created a truffle with a smooth dark chocolate cream, surrounded by a thin layer of dark chocolate and powdered in velvety cocoa – pure indulgence, even to this day.


      Our Chef Chocolatier’ Pierre Draps signature praliné : First introduced in 1950, this was one of his most beloved truffles, whose experimental shape was handcrafted. An unforgettable cocoa experience with creamy chocolate praline mousse, enrobed in dark chocolate, rolled in 50% dark chocolate flakes.


      As Belgian Chocolate gained unrivaled reputation around the world, Truffe Explorateur was especially created to mark the introduction of GODIVA in North America in the sixties. Made from luxurious ingredients, silky milk chocolate cream with cocoa nibs, enrobed in milk chocolate, decorated with dark chocolate.


      As official purveyor to the Royal Court of Belgium, GODIVA created this truffle to celebrate the wedding of the Crown Prince Philippe and Mathilde in 1999. Today they are the King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. For a deliciously rich bite, coffee-flavoured milk chocolate mousse, enrobed in dark chocolate and hand-decorated with a milk chocolate "M."


      Seeking the world’s best ingredients GODIVA selected special cocoa from Uganda to develop this truffle. It is the proof of Godiva’s commitment to quality ingredients. A sensational coca journey, featuring: 80% Ugandan chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate, and decorated with caramelized cocoa nibs.


      In honour of our first Chef Chocolatier Pierre Draps GODIVA created this very personal truffle using only his favorite ingredients. 58% Congolese cocoa dark chocolate ganache with mocha, honey and fruit accents blends perfectly with the fruity-floral hints in Tahitian vanilla; surrounded by dark chocolate and rolled in intense black cocoa powder.

    • “Truffe-ology” represents an important part of the GODIVA brand — from its Belgian heritage to quality craftsmanship, designer innovations, intriguing flavors and traditional signatures.

      With inspired ingredients, intense flavors and expansive culinary styles, GODIVA’s team of passionate chef chocolatiers have been creating iconic truffes since 1926. Offering a huge assortment of sensory journeys waiting to be discovered, each truffe delivers a complex.

    • decadent gastronomic adventure to incredibly delectable destinations.

      The Truffes Légendaires collection celebrates the world’s best fusion of chocolate and cocoa. Featuring the unforgettable tastes and incredible textures of rich ingredients such as chocolate ganache, cream or mousse, each truffe is coated with a visibly delicious layer of super-premium GODIVA flakes, shavings or cocoa powder.


    Meet the Draps

    In 1926, Mr. Draps opened a small praliné-making business run out of his family home in Brussels, Belgium. Upon deciding to produce more exclusive chocolate, which would sell at a chocolate boutique, Draps selected the name GODIVA for his new company, inspired by the well-known Saxon legend of Lady Godiva. Little did Draps know that, over time, his chocolate creations would become as legendary worldwide as the Lady herself.

    • GODIVA巧克力大师pierre Draps
    • GODIVA巧克力大师pierre Draps
    • 舊GODIVA Sablon Store
    • 舊GODIVA 巧克力工廠
  • Signature Statements

    GODIVA Signature Truffes are a part of the brand’s prestigious hero collection, presented in newly designed packaging. This year, seven new smooth, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth must-try treats were launched, to join the assortment of 12 existing Signature Truffes. Roll over each truffle to find out what’s inside!

    A Truffe Tale

    Experience the GODIVA truffe journey with Executive Chef Chocolatier Thierry Muret and Asian starlet Angelababy, who met up at City Hall in Brussels’ famous landmark, the Grand Place, to unveil the legendary temptations of GODIVA limited-edition truffes.

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