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GODIVA Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs Tablet

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What's the secret to our delectable Dark chocolate Cocoa Nibs Bar? We caramelize the cocoa nibs before blending them with rich dark Belgian chocolate, resulting in an irresistible treat.

Country Of Origin:USA
Net Weight:100g
Production date:2015-10-02
Shelf life:609 days
商品配料:白砂糖,可可液块,可可脂,可可碎3%, 无水奶油,乳化剂(大豆磷脂),食用香料。
Whether Sugar:Y
Product Packaging:Tablet
Packing Size:19.5*9.3*0.7
Storage:Please keep in dry and cool (12℃-18℃)area

  • Dark Chocolate
    Cocoa Nibs Tablet
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