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GODIVA Truffe Chocolate Collection 6pcs

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Price :RMB ¥ 215.00
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2. 2017.8.21 8.28 enjoy Chinese welfare, and to spend 388 to send summer love chocolate gift box four, consume 588 SongGe emperor brahman truffle chocolate products star gift box, Christmas to spend 1088 to send summer of heart-shaped chocolate gift box 11 star
3. Every edge set for 40 series star pack a box of chocolate, received gold small box 20
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To revel in the richness of truffe chocolates, one has to savour them slowly, tasting every nuance of the flavours to the full. Traditionally, truffe chocolates are coated with a layer of rich, luscious chocolate, with a centre of soft, velvety ganache, butter cream or chocolate mousse, and finished with cocoa powder, icing sugar or crispy chocolate flakes. For more than 60 years, Belgium Royal Chocolatier GODIVA has upheld superb craftsmanship of truffe chocolates. Made by the chocolate masters’ unbridled creativity and fine artistry, every piece of GODIVA truffe chocolate is full of irresistible allure.

Country Of Origin:Belgium
Net Weight:80g
Production date:2017/2/10
Shelf life:210 days
Whether Sugar:Y
Product Packaging:Gift box
Packing Size:12*8*4
Storage:Please keep in dry and cool (12℃-18℃)area

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  • Truffe Fraise(1Piece)
  • Truffe Traditionnelle
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