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GODIVA Dark Chocolate Cocoa

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There's nothing as comforting as cocoa-like a warm ,loving hug from the inside-out.our trio of tins makes a wonderful family gifr,comprising mikl,dark,and caramel cocoa.just ann warm milk,stir,sip---and smile

Country Of Origin:U.S.
Net Weight:410g
Production date:2016/7/11
Shelf life:365 days
商品配料:白砂糖,碱化可可,黑巧克力(白砂糖,可可液块,无水葡萄糖), 乳化剂(磷脂),食用香料。
Whether Sugar: Y
Product Packaging:Jar
Packing Size: 7.7*7.7*14.3
Storage: Please keep in dry and cool (12℃-18℃)area

  • Dark Chocolate
Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:57:49)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-07 22:30:05)

连买五六罐了 巧克力口感纯正浓郁 远非一般品牌可比 到底是一份价钱一份货 个人建议加入牛奶或豆浆中 比开水冲调更好喝

Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:57:44)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-08 00:11:11)

连买五六罐了 巧克力口感纯正浓郁 远非一般品牌可比 到底是一份价钱一份货 个人建议加入牛奶或豆浆中 比开水冲调更好喝

Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:57:38)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-09 09:22:12)

连买五六罐了 巧克力口感纯正浓郁 远非一般品牌可比 到底是一份价钱一份货 个人建议加入牛奶或豆浆中 比开水冲调更好喝

Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:54:16)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-10 00:02:33)

已经连买五六罐了 口感香浓 到底是一份价钱一份货

Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:53:32)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-13 00:45:35)

香浓丝滑 口感远非一般品牌可比

Comment Time (2015-01-23 11:52:59)
sh15** 经典会员 Order Time (2015-01-21 23:24:46)

巧克力纯正浓郁 远非一般品牌可比

Comment Time (2014-07-31 13:17:32)
viviyu** 经典会员 Order Time (2014-07-24 13:23:12)


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